Our Services

Big or small, we haul it all! Dial Freight Management has established strategic alliances with domestic and international service providers. We provide customized logistic solutions to meet your needs at a fair value added price and with superior customer service. Each shipment is given the full attention of a Dial Freight Management Team member. Tracking your shipment through to delivery, our monitoring process starts before your freight is picked up and does not end until the freight is delivered, with a signed POD in hand. At Dial Freight Management we handle your freight efficiently, economically, and with the utmost care. To accomplish this we offer transportation services including:

Job Site Loading and Unloading
GPS Satellite Tracking
Expedited Service
24-Hour Emergency Assistance
High Value Cargo Handling
Blind or Double Blind Shipping
Crew Loading and Unloading
On board surveillance
Centralized Dispatch
High Volume and Load Outs
Insurance Coverage