Rail and Intermodal Freight Services

Intermodal Shipping

Rail & Intermodal

At Dial Freight Management we like giving you options. The benefit of Intermodal is in reduced costs when shipping long distances, reduced cargo handling, improved security, reduced damage and loss. Intermodal involves multiple modes of transportation services (a combination of trucking and rail) without the handling of freight. Dial Freight Management offers an Intermodal turn-key solution, just tell us your requirements and we do the rest!

Rail cars can handle bulk commodities, loads in excess of 100 tons per car and oversized shipments making Rail an economical mode of transportation throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Bulk Rail commodities include; Agricultural, Automotive, Building Materials, Chemicals, Coal, Fertilizer, Food Products, Machinery, Metals, Minerals, Mining, Paper Products, Scrap, and Waste. Simply put, Dial Freight Management will handle your door to door Rail transport requirements for you. Example of rail transport options include:

Trailer on Flatcar (TOFC)

Over-the-road trailer transported on railcars, also referred to as piggy-back services.

Dial Freight Management's Trailer on Flatcar services enable an efficient combination of truck and train transportation. Trailer on Flatcar allows for a quick transition from rail mode to highway mode.

Container on Flatcar (COFC)

Seafreight ocean containers stacked and transported via railcar


Bulk transport, up to 100 ton capacity

High-Capacity Railcars

High-Capacity Railcars

Bulk transport, up to 170,000 lbs net weight

Tank Car

Tanks with 10,000 to 33,000 gallon capacity, max weight 263,000 lbs

Auto Rack

Rail cars with two or three decks, transports 12-20 vehicles per rail car

Gondolas and Hopper Cars

Bulk transport, 110 ton net weight 2,743 cubic foot capacity

High-Side Gondolas

Bulk transport, 3,850 and 4,000 cubic foot capacity